It’s summer 2010 and the world turns up and down for a family in the small town of Jakobstad, Finland. Their oldest son, Todde, soon to be 6 years, got the diagnosis of Leukemia. The following years were spent in the hospitals in Helsinki, Tampere, Jakobstad and Kokkola. Todde lived isolated in the hospital, far away from home, for long periods of time and the parents stayed with him in turns. The siblings could come and visit only every now and then. It was a challenge to keep up the spirit in these hospital environments. Todde got a bone marrow transplantation on 30.3.2011 and after some setbacks he is doing fine today and can be back in normal school and be a normal 10 year old boy.

Todde´s mother Nina Brännkärr-Friberg, an engineer, wants to help people in the same situation she and her family have been in. She wants that sick children can be happy sick kids and that these families can feel happiness both at home and in the hospitals. Therefor she founded the Project LIV association together with Johanna Stenback and Gunnar Norrlund. There is a need of somebody who concretely works for better and more pleasant hospital stays, somebody who works for the minorities’ rights to get service and info in their own mother tongue at the hospitals and somebody that helps making the Stem Cell Registry more known among us.

The Strategy is to make the Project LIV a precursor in the Nordic countries and to make it a big network of helping hands. Hopefully it can be a foundation.

The Mission is to make the everyday life easier for long-term sick children, their families and the caring personnel at the hospitals. We want to bring back a lost smile.

Our Vision;

- Project LIV wants the sterile hospital environments to be more inspiring.
- Project LIV wants to fulfill the sick children´s dreams, by making their dream day. Happy kids, mean happy parents and satisfied personnel at the hospitals.

- Project LIV wants that families get the support they need.

The Values of the association are; with hearth, with passion, with child inside and with the golden rule as its motto.

We know that with pretty small actions we can bring more happiness into the life of these families. People want to help each other, but it is not so easy to know how in these kind of situations. Therefore Project LIV is here to help coordinating the helpings hand to the right places.