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Honorary award
"We are very grateful of Your engagement already in an early phase. You have been inaugurating waiting rooms in the hospitals, you have been a member of our Advisory Group since the beginning and you have been giving us support despite your busy schedule.
You bring positive vibes into our society and in the whole of Finland-you care about the weak ones and about all children and their families. We, Project liv, are very proud to say that we and you,together, can bring more joy into the every day life of families with long-term illnesses.
It is an honor to nominate our:
Minister of Justice Anna-Maja Henriksson
the Patron of Project liv rf."
Vasa Stadshus 2.11.2019

Minister of Justice Anna-Maja Henriksson was nominated the Patron of Project liv, at the 5th anniversary gala at Vasa stadshus 2nd of November 2019.