Together we can bring joy & happiness to children with long-term illnesses

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"It's cool to care"

Our main focus is ”to bring back a lost smile” among the children with long-term illnesses and their families. But today we also want to encourage the whole society to social responsibility. It is cool to care about others. As P!NK once said: "Kindness today is an act of rebellion".


Monetary donations are important, but other support is appreciated as well. You can help Project liv in many ways; we have different alternatives for schools, private persons as well as businesses.  We love new ideas! -EVERYBODY CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!    

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About Us

About Us

Project liv rf. is an association bringing back lost smiles among children with long-term illnesses. We care about the whole family!

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Project Liv Arena

“How could they know I love horses?"

LIV Dreams

-Girl 9 years, whose horse dream was realized-



Said about us


“Project liv's donations mean a lot to our children patients, their parents and our staff. The feeling of fear is relieved and they give hope and faith in a scary and foreign situation. The look when they get a donation-gives hope to all of us!"

Liv in Care

-Mia Löfvik, Temporary Head of Department, Soite-


"The parents have been very touched by the fact that somebody has been thinking about the. The hand lotion is just lovely one mom gratefully said!"

Liv in Care

-The personal at the Intensive Care for Newborn-

"The only pain relief I had was a sticker in the ceiling thad said LIV (life)!"

Liv in Care

-A mom giving birth in an ambulance-

Spread the word

Spread the word

You can also help us by spreading the word about our mission. Please follow us on social media and also let your friends know about us.