Nina Brännkärr-Friberg, ordförande
Co-operations, media, Liv Support
Engineer in Production Management, Masters Degree in Logistics. Nina also identifies herself as a mother, wife and friend. She likes to celebrate the big, as well as the small things in life and exercises in between of it all.
+358 40 5860104

Anne Lindgren-Slotte 
Lawyer and Economist
Anne is also a mother and engaged in an agriculture- and forestry association In her free time she listens to music, swims and is involved in “association life”. 

Markus Granholm
Chief physician and specialist in children's pediatrics. Markus is from Ostrobothnia and a father of three boys.
His free time is filled with working on their home and house, the congregation and traveling.

Kirsi Louhi Timmerbacka
Psychotherapist, has a Master of Political Science in development psychology.
Kirsi is a mother of three children, who is passionately interested in the brain and the human behaviour. She relaxes by taking dog-walks in the woods and listening to interesting podcasts.

Pia Knoester
Pia is living in Helsinki and has a background (2002-2021) in Dermoshop and their affiliate Guest Comfort. She has had different kinds of areas of responsibility throughout the years, including product development and management. She has also been the head of unit in Helsinki.
Pia is also founder of Helgabad, mother to Sophia and Stella, Hendrik's wife and the owner of the dachshund Helga. Running, spinning and pilates belongs to her daily routines. The archipelago, cooking, friends, traveling, and interior design are high up on her LOVE- list.

Magnus Lindström (Suppleant)