Together we make the world a little bit better & happier!

Se video när Nina berättar om the Story

From small means to lots of fun
Project liv was founded in 2014 on the initiative of Nina Brännkärr-Friberg, engineer and mother of a child who recovered from leukemia. Co-founders were producer Johanna Stenback and patient counsellor Gunnar Norrlund.

Project liv’s activities are based on real experiences.  We know how it can feel not to be able to plan anything, to change hospital environments and to be isolated for long periods.

We believe that it is important that the whole family should have the strength when times are tough.  Therefore we also support and acknowledge siblings and parents.  We work closely with the clinics and health care providers throughout Finland. We are the heart, the childlike wonder and the passion!

It is time to return the lost smiles! 

Our Values

Project liv always work with WE-thinking. Together we can man the world a little bit better and happier-especially for the children with long-term illnesses in Finland. We work with the hearth, with passion and with a children's mind. The Golden Rule is also of high importance for us. Together we are stronger.