Vi vill veta vad du tycker om Project Liv!

Vi vill veta vad du tycker om Project Liv!


Today, we want to share an exciting news - our survey for those who have had a dream day fulfilled or a surprise. We want to know what you think about the experience and how we can improve even further.

Project Liv has always had a passion for fulfilling dreams, whether big or small. We believe in the power of a fulfilled wish - it can bring hope, strength, and help the whole family in the recovery process. We know that dreams can come true, and that's why we strive to make everything possible. Meeting your idol, traveling to a long-awaited place, trying a new hobby, or even exploring a new profession - with us, anything is possible. We have seen how the extra time and the dream provide energy and strength to those who need it the most. Sometimes, a simple thing like a hotel stay can be invaluable for tired parents.

To gain even more insight and improve our dream fulfillments, we have created a survey where people who have experienced a dream day or a surprise can give us feedback. We want to know how the dream day or surprise affected the sick child, the siblings, and the parents. We are also interested in understanding how the arrangements worked practically and if there is anything that could have been done better.

Here are some of the questions we ask in our survey:

1. What kind of dream day or surprise did you have?
2. How did the arrangements work practically? Were there any aspects that didn't work as well and that we could improve?
3. What did the dream day/days/surprises mean to the sick child?
4. What did it mean to the siblings?
5. What did it mean to the parents?
6. We would also appreciate if you could share a quote about how you experienced the dream day/surprise. We can use it in our social media or in our information sharing.

We look forward to hearing from you and learning more about your experiences. Your feedback is invaluable to us and helps us continue to make a difference in people's lives. Together, we can create magical moments and bring hope and joy to those who need it the most.

Thank you for being a part of Project Liv's journey!