It's cool to care - all donations are important

You can support Project liv by donating a sum of your choice to account number: 

FI76 1113 3000 6201 91. Owner: Project liv rf. or by Mobile Pay kode: 89556.

Money collection permit number: RA/2020/846 

Membership for companies

We are constantly looking for long–term, win-win collaborations and offer companies the possibility to become annual members. The membership fee is 600€ per year. We hope to see You as a proud member!

Membership for small companies

We also give the opportunity for micro companies (1-3 employees) to support us through an annual membership. For these companies the membership fee is 150€ per year. Join us!

Yearly membership

Medlemsavgiften för stödjande medlemmar i Project liv rf. är 30 euro per år. Genom att uppge din e-mailadress får du ett medlemsbrev två gånger per år där vi berättar om vad som är på gång inom vår verksamhet. I dagens läge har vi omkring 700 medlemmar.

Monthly member


Own fundraising

When having a birthday, anniversary, funeral or similar you can easily make your own fundraising for Project liv. Contact for more information.

Facebook fundraiser

If you are on facebook you can easily make an own fundraiser for Project liv. All information is easily already there on facebook. 

Testamentary gifts

Testamentary gifts are welcome.