Liv Dreams

Dreams can come true!

Dreams can come true! 
A dream come true can give a child and their whole family strength, hope and help in the recovery process.

Believe it or not, you may wish for anything you want! Dreams can come true! A dream-day can be everything between meeting your idol, go on a trip, try a new hobby or profession - we believe that everything is possible! We see that the dream, how big or small it even maybe, give both energy and power. Sometimes the parents can be very exhausted and just by getting to enjoy something so simple like a night at a hotel can go a long way. .

Who can wish for a dream? 

It is the medical staff who nominates a long-term ill child, sibling, parent, or the whole family. Even parents who have lost a child can be nominated. After a difficult treatment or surgery, this can be a well-needed boost. Project Liv takes all children into consideration, no matter diagnoses. When a child is sick it affects the whole family, that’s why we also put the focus on parents and siblings. We also take into consideration the needs of families who have a parent with a long-term illness. 

How does a nomination work?

The medical staff (or corresponding professional) nominates families so that they can get their dream fulfilled, this is because the medical staff knows best about the family’s situation, needs and keep in contact with the family. When the family has given their consent for Project liv to get their contact information, we implement the dream in consultation with the family. Names, parents' phone numbers, and diagnoses are usually required for nomination.

LIV Surprise

Relatives and friends are able to nominate a child for a LIV surprise package (with the parents' approval).

Dream events

 In addition to this, we arrange a handful bigger dream events for several families simultaneously. For these events, the families themselves can report interest.

Freedom of liability

 Our dreams are realized according to our policies and values. If the dream is a product or a pet the owner is responsible for the use of the product and the caring of the pet. All insurances are the family's own responsibility, this regarding products, pets, traveling etc.



Do you want to know more about our dreams or dream events? Or do you want to nominate? Please contact us!


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